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Extending our Season!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are so happy that despite the restrictions we have had to adopt due to the pandemic, we have been able to keep the club and swimming open throughout the summer. 

We are happy to let you know that the club will remain open for swimming through Sunday, September 20th!  Our post-Labor Day swimming hours will be as follows:
Tuesday 9/8: 11a-7p
Wednesday 9/9: 11a-7p
Thursday 9/10: 3p-7p
Friday 9/11: 3p-7p
Saturday 9/12: 11a-7p
Sunday 9/13: 11a-7p
Wednesday 9/16: 3p-7p
Thursday 9/17: 3p-7p
Friday 9/18: 3p-7p
Saturday, 9/19: 11a-7p
Sunday 9/20: 11a-7p (last day of swimming)
Unfortunately, we will not be having Family Fun Day or the Clam Bake this season due to the Pandemic. But we look forward to resuming these great PMBC traditions next summer!

Please continue to honor our Pandemic season rules of not bringing guests, carry-in/carry-out of all garbage, and wearing your mask upon entry and when you can't socially distance. 

Over these last bonus weeks, we hope everyone will take a moment to acknowledge the great job our guards have done over what has been a very challenging time. They really stepped up this summer and we are so proud of all of them. 

See you at the beach! 
PMBC Board

Temporary PMBC COVID-19 Safety Rules: Please review carefully.

Temporary Restrictions

  • If you believe you are infected or contagious, or if you believe you are symptomatic, please do not visit the Club at this time; stay home and self-quarantine.
  • Social distancing – per current NYS regulation, please maintain adequate distance between yourself and others outside of your family (6 feet).
  • Face coverings (masks) - every family member must have a face-covering available when entering the club; wear your face covering as necessary when you are unable to be social-distanced in groups.
  • If possible, please bring your own disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and disinfect an area before you leave it.
  • Please be considerate and limit your stay to under 3 hours to allow other members to come in and enjoy the club.

Check-in Procedures:

  • A check-in desk will be situated in front of the front gate.
  • Please maintain social distancing and wear a mask when waiting to be checked in.
  • You will need to show an NYS ID to be admitted.
  • Please be prepared that once we reach capacity, you may not be allowed to enter until someone leaves.

In Club Policies: 

  • Reduced Capacity:
    • The County has reduced our capacity by 50%.  We will be allowed to increase capacity as our region continues to re-open.  
  • Limit Your Visit to UNDER 3 hours
    • Because of reduced capacity, please limit your visits to under 3 hours so other members can come in if you see it is crowded. 
    • Bathrooms are Open
      • Bathrooms will now be open. Please clean up after yourselves and sanitize when you use the facilities.
    • Garbage: “Carry in – Carry out”: We do not want our guards to have to risk their health picking-up and taking out garbage.
      • There will be no garbage bins. Bring your own garbage bags and carry out all garbage.
      • Please bring all garbage home. The dumpster at the end of the parking lot is now off-limits.  New cameras are being installed to prevent abuse of this dumpster.
    • No Guests
      • Only members and their immediate family members are allowed at the Club until further notice.
    • Ballplaying/Games
      • No ball-playing or contact games on the beach or picnic area. 
    • Protect our Seniors: Upper Deck Seating Priority
      • The upper deck will be reserved for Seniors (65+) and their families.
      • You may sit there only if there is available seating but please give up your seat/table if a senior comes.
    • Beach Chairs- PMBC chairs will not be available. 
    • No Food Delivery to Beach Club.

    If you visit the Club when the staff is not there, please follow these procedures:

    • Bring your gate key with you every time you visit.
    • Lock the gate behind you (to limit trespassers and for safety) and when you leave.
    • Remove all your trash from the Club when you leave.

    Member Code of Conduct

    Members will adhere to all rules or risk having their memberships suspended or revoked. 

    Members will treat our Guards with respect at all times. Any issues that a member has regarding rules or direction from a Guard enforcing club rules or making requests for the safety of our members should be addressed with a Board member.

    Members will treat fellow members with consideration and respect or risk having their memberships suspended or revoked. Complaints regarding member or guest conduct should be directed to the Board. 

    Membership has reached capacity for 2020.  We are no longer accepting applications unless you live in Philipse Manor.

    Parking Information:
    All members of the beach club are required to have proper parking stickers.  PMIA will only be distributing stickers for beach club members that live outside PMIA or SHMA. If you live outside the manors, please be on the lookout for an invoice to buy the parking pass.  Some members will already have the parking pass added to their invoice. If you live in Philipse Manor and want a sticker for parking, you must join PMIA also here. If you live in Sleepy Hollow Manor and want a sticker for parking, you must join SHMA here.

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