Becoming a Member

As a neighborhood club we like to welcome new members and families.

Philipse Manor residents are automatically eligible for membership and can join here

Non-Philipse Manor residents must apply for membership. In recent years, the popularity of the club has grown, and membership has reached an all-time high. As a result, we are now running at capacity, which means that unfortunately, we are not currently accepting membership applications for anyone living outside of Philipse Manor. Our by-laws require that a minimum of 50% of our membership reside in Philipse Manor. Annual openings for non-residents including residents of Sleepy Hollow Manor, Weber Park, Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown are very limited and are made possible only when an active member resigns. This can lead to a long wait period but we want to provide the best experience possible to our members by avoiding over-crowding. 

We kindly ask that non-Philipse Manor applicants indicate their interest in joining by emailing Membership prior to the start of each season at Non-Philipse Manor applicants also need to be sponsored by 3 active PMBC members and approved by the PMBC Board. Should capacity open up in a given season, we will email those who have reached out and update this website so that folks can formally apply and submit letters of recommendation from 3 sponsors at that time.  

Please feel free to email Membership for updates on membership openings and we will post on the website as well.  

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