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A member must be 65 in order to qualify for Senior Membership. Only one individual from a member couple needs to be 65. Senior members may not have children on their membership. Seniors with children should apply for Family Membership.

Children and young adults living in the same household as their parents may be on their parents membership until the age of 26.

All applicants, and all additional names listed on the application must be residing at the address stated on the application. Any false information given on the application can and will result in permanent termination of Beach Club membership for all those involved. Only children living at home under the age of 26 may be listed on the application.

Philipse Manor residents may not be guests at the Club more than three times per season (except to attend a scheduled party). We request that residents who wish to use the Club become members, in order that we may remain financially solvent. Philipse Manor residents have special privileges as they are immediately admitted, so please do not take advantage of guest passes. If you intend to use the Club, please join. Our lifeguard payroll and associated costs are the largest part of the Club’s budget, and we incur these costs for guests as well as members.

If you are a member and wish to give up your membership, we ask that you contact us at so that we can maintain appropriate records.

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